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Venus In Taurus: ((Love and be Loved))

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

As of March 5 2020, Venus moved from fiery, unpredictable Aries into it's cozy home, it's ruling sign of Taurus. We are being invited to slow down, gather, ground, and settle. It's time to fill your cup with the sweet smell of cardamom, rose, and jasmine. Let us steep ourselves in vats of honey or money? Linger a little longer in the warmth of a tender embrace. Feel the power of your body temple as you dance, tune into the sensual waves flowing through the cosmos. Send someone you love a personalized gift, a love letter, and be open to receive a new special ornament, alter item, power stone. Organize a clothing swap, art jam, or cooking party. Be careful to not overindulge as your appetite could be stronger than usual. Be weary of being overly possessive of people or objects. Now is a time to really listen to your body, enjoy the gifts of the gods, taking it in nice and slow, tasting all the subtleties that dance upon your senses. Venus urges us to connect with all that we love generously....and are worth it!

Art by Emily Balivet

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