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Solar Eclipse


 Astrology is an incredibly empowering tool that can help you to become aligned with our highest potential while moving towards living and manifesting your dreams. 


All readings come with a recorded mp3 and a pdf of your birth chart.

Complete Reading

 In 5 parts we will explore themes based on your birth chart, your current astrological weather, your relationships, your location, and your life purpose. We can work together to uncover and integrate various parts of yourself including both the shadow and light.


5 hours / $350

Birth Chart Reading

This 60 min session is a general overview of your birth chart.  We will dive into the core essence of who you are.  We look at your chart as the blueprint for your life and help to unearth your life's purpose, as well as shedding light on relationship issues, career choices, health concerns, emotional processes and spiritual practices. 


1 hour/ $120

Relationship Reading

Whether you are in love, looking for love, trying to unpack your patterns around relationships, or healing from a broken heart, this chart reading can be a great tool for gaining insight.  I will use current transits for both people, cast composite and synastry charts, I will look into how relationships can lead to greater healing, growth and transformation.

1 hour / $120

Yearly Transit Reading

  We will look at what cycle you are currently in, when does it begin and end, and what it represents.  We will look at which areas of your life you may be experiencing blocks or obstacles and discuss ideas for overcoming them.  

1 hr / $120

Mini Reading

The mini reading is meant to offer you a quick peak into your chart.  It can be a great way to get a sense of your chart and reveal some major themes that stand out in your natal chart.

30 min / $75

Solar Return Reading

Your solar return is your birthday!  In this reading I cast a chart for the moment the sun returns to the degree at which you were born.  It is a great tool for understanding some themes of the upcoming year.  Makes a great birthday present!

1 hr / $120

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