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Coming Into Alignment

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Disaster in Greek means “against the stars”, a calamity blamed on an unfavourable position of a planet. The eclipse of Dec 26th 2019 had the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Ketu, and Jupiter all in the sign of Capricorn. The first death from corona was documented during that period of time. Eclipses bring about major changes, catharsis, issues come to breaking point. This conjunction reflects a time where our limits are being tested (Saturn), facing the unknown, the shadows surfacing (Pluto) and Jupiter blowing the whole situation out of the water (Jupiter expands, makes things bigger). Saturn with Ketu invites us to let go of what’s no longer working. Saturn is often personified as the hermit, we are being removed from the world, these themes of isolation and quarantine.

With Pluto being a very slow moving planet, we are seeing traumatic transformation (Pluto) that won’t be a fast process. With Pluto and Saturn together we are being forced to face ourselves, those shadow aspects that we have distracted ourselves from for so long, we are being called in to take the time to slow down, rebuild our immune systems and undergo this process of transformation.

Mars entered Capricorn on Feb 16 2020, which put even more fuel on the fire and the events E became increasingly volatile and inflamed (Mars=aggression)

“We need to be prepared to go to war on the virus” Dr Richard Hatchett

“It seems fitting that this story begins in China, the country with the worst pollution on the planet and one of the worst reputations for its treatment of animals. Rape (Pluto) the planet (Ceres) for wealth (Pluto) and authority (Saturn) and you’ve got yourself a problem. China may be at the centre of it, but no country is without blame. The system planet wide needs to change. In the wake of the coronavirus, China has banned the trade in wild animals for consumption (although still need to go further to include the trade in wild animals for supposed medicinal benefits).” Astrologer Leah Whitehorse.

For so many of us we imagined the apocalypse would show up dressed in it’s finest most outrageous robes, a multi-colored flying serpent, a fleet of aliens with eyes that peer into your soul, a meteor, the Chinese invading, but there have been many that have known that it would show up as an epidemic, a virus. The immune system of the planet is collapsing as a result of the record number of humans on earth. Our immune system has dramatically declined over the past ten years, mostly as a result of overloading our systems from medications, the over consumption of highly refined and processed foods, antibiotics that destroy our gut biome, lack of sunlight (Vit D) and a loss of connection to nature. A study shows that the number of people that died from a flu virus in 2019 has increased by 5 times in the past ten years.

We sit glued to our black mirrors and sing across balconies to each other as star crossed lovers would. The earth has reached a global boiling point, we have been on the brink of this eruption for years, the fuse has finally blown. As humans we want to make meaning from all this. Historically, mythology and astrology have been a powerful way that we have made sense of our world by attributing meaning to natural phenomena. We look up to the skies, listen to the symphony of the stars and make offerings to the gods.

Let us offer our love and compassion, our commitment to this challenging process of transformation with patience and diligence.

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